male educator counting on his fingers and sitting on the ground with four young children

Questions to Ask About Child Care

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Choosing child care that is the best fit for you and your child, is an important decision. 

Below are things to consider and questions to ask, to help you make an informed child care choice.

Questions to ask

  • Do the program’s hours of operation meet your child care needs?
  • Who are the educators (or the home child care provider) and what are their qualifications? All our Early Childhood Educators are registered with the College of Early Childhood Education (RECE).
  • What will your child’s typical day at child care look like? What are the indoor and outdoor activities, outings and learning opportunities?
  • What activities does your child especially enjoy? Are these activities available?
  • If your child has allergies, food sensitivities or dietary requirements, how can these be addressed?
  • If your child has special needs, what additional supports will be provided?
  • If your child has any particular fears or anxieties, how will your child be supported?
  • When children are in conflict, how are they guided and supported?
  • How will the child care communicate with you regarding the program and your child?
  • If you have concerns or questions, who do you speak to?

Quality child care celebrates the uniqueness of each child, supports families, and provides parents with peace of mind.

When visiting a child care, look for:

  • Children who are happily engaged in the program
  • Educators who are affectionate, responsive and engaged with the children
  • Attractive, well organized indoor and outdoor environments that are safe and inviting with interesting materials, equipment and activities
  • The posted menu plan of nutritious meals and/or snacks. Each of our Children’s Centres and Home Child Care Programs has a kitchen for the preparation of fresh, nutritious meals. Before and After School Programs provide nutritious snacks.
  • The green Ministry of Education license posted near the entry.
  • Posted parent communications including photos or examples of the children’s creations or activities.

Should you wish to, you may schedule a tour and/or meeting with the Program Coordinator to learn more about the program. Come with your questions.