young black child care educator playing with blocks with three multi-cultural children

Our Philosophy and History

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Our Philosophy

At London Children’s Connection we see children as capable, competent and curious. We understand how a carefully prepared, play-based learning program complements the child’s natural curiosity. Children develop social skills and make friends, while learning and growing in ways that support their success in school and in life. Learning is fun under the guidance of our caring and qualified educators. 

Parents appreciate knowing their child is benefiting from an educational and developmental program that positively supports their child’s long-term growth and socialization.

Our Mission

London Children’s Connection is a non-profit organization providing high quality licensed child care programs and related services that encompass the care, education, and guidance of children, from infancy to school age. By supporting children and families, we are helping to build caring communities across London and the surrounding area.

Our Guiding Principles


We are committed to providing high quality programs and services for children and families. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our programs to include all aspects of the management and ongoing development of the organization.


We listen and respond to children, families and others with empathy and respect.


We creatively address the changing needs of children, families and communities, by evaluating, adapting and developing innovative programs and services.


We value the diverse backgrounds of our families, and provide programs and services that are welcoming and comfortable.


We work in partnership with families and communities, to ensure the effective development and delivery of quality programs and services.


We demonstrate integrity in our daily interactions. We participate in continued professional development, respond to new research and provide leadership within the community.

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London Children’s Connection began with the 1976 opening of our very first child care centre, located in Wilton Grove Public School. Since then, we have continued to grow and evolve in response to the changing needs of families and neighbourhoods. Many of our programs are located in or near elementary schools, providing safety for children, as well as convenience and peace of mind for parents.

Explore our incredible history!

1976   Westminster Children’s Centre
1978   Community Home Child Care
1986   The School Age Program
1989   Rick Hansen Children’s Centre
1989   Summer School Age Programs
1991   Ashley Oaks Children’s Centre
1992   Byron Somerset Children’s Centre
1992   Jack Chambers Children’s Centre
1993   North London Children’s Centre
1994   Bonaventure Meadows Children’s Centre
1995   Pond Mills Children’s Centre
1997   Middlesex Branch of Community Home Child Care
1998   I’m Home Program
2002   Ontario Early Years Centre, London West (now Westmount Family Centre)
2006   Jean Vanier Children’s Centre (renamed Westmount Children’s Centre)
2006   White Oaks Children’s Centre
2010   Initiation of the Before and After School Programs for Full Day Kindergarten, in partnership with school boards
2013   Lead Agency for the Westmount Family Centre
2014   Lead Agency for the White Oaks Family Centre
2018   Cedar Hollow Children’s Centre
2018   Lead Agency for the Fanshawe Family Centre
2022   Summerside Children’s Centre 

Today we provide a wide variety of coordinated, high quality child care programs and family support services to meet the unique needs of over 6,000 families and their children, from infancy through to 12 years of age.

We continue to reflect on our past and look forward to our future!