group of educators posing together and smiling at the camera

Embracing Compassion and Connection: A Reflection on Spring Connections 2024

Friday, April 5, 2024

This year’s Spring Connections, our annual London Children’s Connection professional learning event, delivered on its promise! It was truly a day filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and growth, all centered around the theme of Compassion and Connection.

The morning began with a captivating presentation by our esteemed keynote speaker, Dana Libby. With her extensive background as a therapist and a master's degree in Social Work, Dana shared with us The Power of Compassion and Connection. Through her insights, we explored how our bodies and minds instinctively seek safety in what often feels like an "unsafe world." Dana eloquently expressed how cultivating a sense of grounding enables us to navigate relationships and self-awareness with grace and compassion.

As Dana spoke, her words resonated with everyone in attendance. She skillfully wove together theory and personal anecdotes, offering practical strategies for fostering compassion and connection in both personal and professional contexts. We were captivated by Dana's warmth and authenticity, finding great inspiration in her message.

Following a thought-provoking morning session, the afternoon unfolded with connection and play as Shut-The-Front-Door Improv took the stage. The talented and creative leaders split our large group of 180 into four, and led us through a series of fun and interactive activities designed to foster communication, collaboration, and reflection. Through these entertaining exercises, fear of vulnerability was dissolved and new bonds were created.

Throughout the day we were also energized by the creative talents of our educators, who demonstrated their skills extend to ukulele, guitar, and Broadway caliber performances! It was such a pleasure to experience these opportunities for engagement, and get to know our colleagues in a new way.

Reflecting on the day's events, it was clear that Spring Connections 2024 was more than just a professional learning day. The air buzzed with a palpable sense of connection and compassion, and our teams left with minds enriched and hearts filled, ready to bring their takeaways into their lives each day.

Thank you to our dedicated Professional Learning team, and everyone else who made this memorable event possible!